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About Us

Rapal Studio is a multidisciplinary creative studio.

Our team works together to plan, design, create and produce work that we are proud of for our clients that we believe in.

We are available to hire in a wide range of creative disciplines involving video and audio projects.

Our team has vast experience of creating videos for online consumption specifically for youtube and we are very active in Punjabi Music Industry.

  • Collectively so far we have worked on more than 200 youtube videos with a total view count of 1000 millions and counting
  • We have worked/are working with many well known directors and singers of Punjabi Music Industry
  • Please dont forget to check the vast list of videos on youtube done by our team
  • Our services are available all over the world but manily in USA, CANADA, UK and INDIA for video shooting
  • Video Editing services are availbale remotely from any part of the world
  • In person Audio recording services are available in California and INDIA


Professional video editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production

Video Editing

We are a team of telented video editors working simulateosnly from multiple locations all over the world.


Our team is actively working in USA, Canada, UK, India and many other locations to produce quality work.

Color Correction and Visual Effects

We work ourselves and use third party services if requred for color correction in needed.

Audio Recording and Post Production

Our recording studios are available in California and in India at multiple locations


Check few of the youtube videos done by our team

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Chief Executive Officer

Rapal Studios LLC is the brain child of RapalS. Multitalented and holds vast experience in many disciplines, Rapal has organised and helped with hundreds of projects.

Gursewak S Bhari

Product Manager

Gursewak holds vast experience about Video Editing, Visual Effects and Color Grading. Gursewak has worked so far with many top level Directors and Singers of punjabi music industry.

Sam Malhi

Director and DOP

Based in London, UK Sam has worked on many projects invoving Punjabi music videos and Punjabi movies. Sam holds vast experience about DOP and Direction.

And countless other valuable team members...


We have one of the best prices of the industry and we are very proud of it

Music Video Editing


  • Price varies with the video elements
  • Color Grading charges extra
  • Visual Effects charges extra
  • Delivery in time sensitive manner
  • Best rates in the industry

Song Recording

$49+ / hour

  • Price depends on the involvement
  • Studio available at multiple locations
  • Music producers available if needed
  • Bring your own music
  • Best rates

Contact Us

Please Contact Us with as much Details as possible about the project and to help and save time of everyone involved in the project


Main office:
California, USA


+1 510-993-9701